Vote for your favorite Halloween Collections of 2012!

As we did in 2011, it’s time to do some voting for your favorite Halloween themed collections shared at CHA Summer 2012! Many retailers placed their orders this past week at CHA …. but just as many have yet to place their final orders! Here’s your chance to influence their ordering decisions!

To aid in the voting, here’s a visual recap of newly debuted Halloween paper collections….

Halloween Paper Collections of 2012


Which TWO(2) of the following Halloween themed collections did you like best? Pretend you are standing at a huge Halloween display at an imaginary but fabulous local scrapbook store. The store carries ALL of the choices. Which two would you REALLY be most likely purchase and use?

What are your 2 favorite Halloween paper collections of 2012?

  • Bazzill Basics - All Hallow's Eve (2%, 26 Votes)
  • Imaginisce - Monster Mash (2%, 29 Votes)
  • Quick Quotes - Halloween Collection (1%, 13 Votes)
  • Graphic 45 - Happy Hauntings (30%, 390 Votes)
  • Authentique - Enchanted (18%, 237 Votes)
  • We R Memory Keepers - Black Widow (8%, 101 Votes)
  • October Afternoon - Witch Hazel (6%, 72 Votes)
  • Doodlebug Design - Haunted Manor (10%, 126 Votes)
  • Moxxie - All Hallow's Eve (6%, 79 Votes)
  • Reminisce - Halloween (5%, 61 Votes)
  • Reminisce - Autumn Harvest (2%, 27 Votes)
  • Creative Imaginations - Hallow's Eve (1%, 11 Votes)
  • Carta Bella - All Hallow's Eve (10%, 125 Votes)
  • Webster's Pages - Once Upon a Halloween (5%, 64 Votes)
  • SEI - Salem Heights (1%, 11 Votes)
  • Echo Park - Chillingsworth Manor (38%, 494 Votes)
  • My Mind's Eye - Lost & Found Halloween (23%, 297 Votes)
  • American Crafts - Pumpkin Patch (5%, 62 Votes)
  • Pebbles, Inc - Tricks & Treats (5%, 67 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,297

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Voting is now closed.

Can’t wait to see the results!

The Bazzill Basics collection was added to the roundup & choices half-way through the voting period, which gives them a distinct disadvantage in the poll results.

Often we’re able to get the manufacturer of the WINNING collection to donate a collection for giveaway. So stay tuned to see who wins …. and if a giveaway of YOUR favorite follows!

PS: Be sure tell your friends to come VOTE! Voting closes on July 30th at midnight.

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  1. Kathy Wittlock says:

    Reminisce {Halloween & Autumn Harvest} – cha summer 2012 my fav Halloween

  2. beatrice lawson says:

    Definitely Echo Park’s Chillingsworth Manor and Webster Pages’ Once Upon a Halloween. Tried to vote but I get the message that only one selection is allowed, not two. Will vote for one and try the second time as well, see what happens.

  3. Sorry about that! Fixed the poll so that it will accept 2 votes and not just one. Silly tech stuff :0

  4. Rosemary Palmer says:

    Echo Park and Autumn – great designs.

  5. Betsy Gray says:

    I didn’t see Graphic 45′s beautiful collection…. So I picked Authentiques :)

  6. staci haden says:

    I voted but have you seen Stampin Ups – Howlstooth & Scaringbone? Love the patterns on this one.

    • Thanks Staci! I haven’t seen it and — I have to check it out! Stampin Up definitely has great quality and fantastic designs. I love their stuff!

      For this poll, I’m limiting the brands involved to those available via retailers versus those available via direct sales consultants.

  7. Quick Quotes has a new Halloween Line Too! Check it out!

  8. I love Doodlebug designs and Pebbles. Yes, I love bright colours!

  9. Kathryn Garner says:

    it would only let me vote for one, not two…I voted for Carta Bella’s All Hallow’s Eve but I also wanted to vote for Echo Park’s Chillingsworth Manor.

    • Kathryn – Sorry about that. When I added the 2 new lines to the choices, it reverted back to allowing only 1 answer. I fixed it to allow for 2. I just went in & added a vote to the Echo Park line for you too :) – Susan

  10. I love MME and Authentique…just awesome colour collection of which I can use it for other than Halloween theme project.

  11. Tracey Mokrzycki says:

    Carta Bella and MME would have to be my chocie as it can be used not only for halloween but other projects as well… Now you have to vote guys…xxxT

  12. I voted! I’m not totally in love with any of the Halloween collections I’ve seen so far, not like I was when Mischevious came out a few years back. That pop of teal was amazing!

  13. Tough decision! I really liked the Webster’s Pages Once Upon a Halloween, Carta Bella’s All Hallows Eve (LOVE the words paper!!!) and Pebbles Inc Tricks & Treats, too! But I definitely voted for the ones that I felt were all around my favorites! Can’t wait to see who wins!!!

  14. Great survey – nice to see all these collections together! Since the occasion has such a distinct flavor, I chose some of the boldest, funnest ones – Pebbles and Doodlebug!

  15. I voted I love the echo park and the doodle bug design papers, but my vote was on doodle bug.

  16. Tammy Luiz says:

    I like Pebbles and American Crafts the best I think. Parts of EP and Doodlebug will probably find their way into my stash!

  17. woohoo! I voted my favorite two

  18. Well that was difficult! I love so many of them, but I went with My Minds Eye and Authentique.
    I guess I know what I need to save up for.

  19. i voted. i could use all of the above on my altered notebooks i’m working on. i did choose two favorites. that was hard!

  20. Loving MME and Webter’s Pages!!

  21. super fun…love the AC collection…

  22. Angela L. says:

    I am not usually a huge fan of Halloween paper but I found it quite difficult to just pick two favorites this year… the manufacturers are really kickin’ it!!!

    • I agree! I like that there are so many different kinds of styles to choose from. Definitely something for everyone! I would find it very hard, as a local retailer, to choose which few to stock!

  23. Was able to vote for one but won’t allow me to vote for another! :-( Echo Park is my favorite! MME is definitely 2nd! Just shared on my Facebook page :-)

  24. WOW!! That is so cool to have them all in one place. That’s not easy to pick your favorite from all these gorgeous lines!! Amazing!

  25. Is it wrong that I want them ALL?!?!? lol

  26. Echo Park and Graphic 45!!

  27. My favourite is Doodlebug. Authentique is second.

  28. CorinaT says:

    I voted for Echo Park and MME – 2 of my faves!!!

  29. Cindy in Oregon says:

    My vote is for Doodlebug’s Haunted Manor because it has orange, black, green AND purple in it. I like to use all those colors for Halloween cards.

    Where’s Basic Grey? Did they decide to completely skip Halloween this year? They had a marvelous collection a couple of years ago called Eerie. I still have some of it!

  30. amanda corrao says:

    I voted for graphic45 and crata bella

  31. Jeanette Munson says:

    this was a hard choice to make there is so many I love.

  32. CI: Hallows Eve & We R Memory Keepers: Black Widow

  33. Echo Park is my favorite.

  34. Echo Park and Grafic 45!!

  35. Kari Cosentino says:

    voted. EP and Authentique! Great lines

  36. Echo Park’s Chillingsworth Manor and Doodlebug Haunted Manor…guess I like Manors :)

  37. You’ve missed Imeginesce’s Monster Mash

  38. Jeanne Kely says:

    Echo Park – Chillingworth gets my vote for best – love the carriage image!
    Reminisce comes in as second best.

  39. Tough choice. Seems like everything is a repeat of the last couple of years. But I always love the cheeriness of Doodlebug and the retro feel of October Afternoon.

  40. Love MME et Echo park

  41. Suzan Bundy says:

    Looks like a lot of “Goolish” fun could be had with these monsterous designs!!

  42. MME and October Afternoon

  43. Rhonda Gibbs says:

    Echo Park and MME were my favorites but there are others that I like as well. Would love to have several of the collections.

  44. Access to the poll is not coming up for me.I’m using Chrome and I tried IE>

  45. Wow, I love the Echo Park collection, and the Graphic 45!!!!

  46. Chelsea says:

    My favorites were We R Memory Keepers Black Widow and Echo Park’s Chillingsworth Manor… they’re all great collections! It was so hard to chose just 2!

  47. Lannette says:

    Wow, tough choice but my favorites are We R Memory Keepers Black Widow and Moxxie – All Hallow’s Eve.

  48. Such cool choices I like a few of them but my tip choices would be Graphic 45 and Echo Park Chillingsworth Manor!

  49. i like them all but I have to say I really liked Reminisce-halloween and cute

  50. I voted! I love most of these it was so hard to chose.

  51. At first I could narrow it down to about 8 (after 20 minutes of peeking about)…but to follow the rules, I peeked more and got down to 2 favorites….fabulous poll! Off to share on FB now! I think my friends will have a blast voting!
    Jessica S

  52. Cathy R says:

    So hard to pick just 2 but I love anything by Graphic 45 so they got my first vote and I really like the Echo Park Chillingsworth Manor collection as well, great name!

  53. Hard to pick two but I have to go with Graphic 45 and We R Memory Keepers.

  54. Jo Anne Mason says:

    Love the Graphiv 45 Happy Haunting. Echo Park’s Chillingsworth is great, also. I will definitely buy both!!

  55. My Minds Eye is always one of my all-time favorites, because of their papers’ texture and weight. Wow I can’t wait for cooler temps & to work on fall & Halloween things.

  56. Sara Thompson says:

    I really like Carta Bella All Hallow’s Eve

  57. My favorite wasn’t on the list – All Hallow’s Eve by Bazzill Basics Paper!

    • Wow, thanks Susan for pointing that out! Their collection had never hit my ‘radar’ screen so I overlooked it :( I just added them as a choice for voting but of course at this point in the ‘race’ they have missed many opportunities for votes so have a distinct disadvantage.

      • Glad I could put it on everyone’s radar. I really REALLY like it! A whole lot! I voted for Webster’s and Pebbles, though. I mean there is a Webster’s paper that has Poe’s The Raven on it. That alone rocks my American literature world.

  58. I’m voting for Authentique.

  59. Marcia D says:

    Halloween is so fun to scrapbook, it’s so hard to pick just one…. Love Authentique and EP

  60. I love anything to do with Halloween. I had to make 2 choices and they were WRMK (Black Widow) and Graphics 45 (Happy Haunting) although if I was chosen to receive any of the others collections I would not complain. :) Thanks

  61. Pam Spradlin says:

    I voted for Reminisce. It would only let me vote for one. My other choice would have been Authentique.

  62. Patricia C says:

    G45 and MME!!! Those are my favorites!

  63. Dusty Buck says:

    Echo park for sure!

  64. Janet Nelson says:

    I like the color combo of chillingsworth paper but I also love Graphic 45. Good luck!

  65. Love them all but the chevron from brazzill is awesome!

  66. Really like Reminisce’s Autumn Harvest and Halloween- in that order. Would love to WIN any of these stacks!

  67. Echo Park Chillingsworth manor is the Best!!! :D Would love to win a a paperpack :)

  68. Love the new Halloween papers. Echo Park an Graphic 45 offer great diversity.

  69. Jeannie L says:

    Love the EP papers!

  70. Love Echo Park Chillingsworth Manor and Carta Bella All Hallow’s Eve. So fun!!

  71. ann richards says:

    I adore the more natural color ways of My Mind’s Eye Lost & Found Halloween and the vintage feel & colors of Graphic 45 Happy Hauntings. I guess I am more traditional when it comes to All Hallows Eve.

  72. Christina says:

    So not fair to make me choose!Love them all,love love love!

  73. SEI and Echo Park topped my choices but MME came in third!

  74. I love Authentique paper quality hands down and the October Afternoon designs really caught my eye. So much spooky fall goodness! How to choose?!

  75. Echo Park & MME….definitly my must haves for this year!!

  76. Webster Pages and Echo Park….these are the best!

  77. Such a tough decision, but I finally voted for Graphic 45 and Carta Bella, though I know I will end up buying MME & Chillingsworth Manor too.

  78. Echo Park Chillingsworth Manor!

  79. Tami Rose says:

    Echo Park Chillingsworth Manor and MME Lost & Found Halloween!

  80. So many fabulous Halloween collections! wowee! :D

  81. December Mackedanz says:

    Halloween is the only holiday that matters to me so I was happy to see the collections out for this year.

  82. So hard to pick – I like them all. The two I pick are Reminisce Autumn and Bazzil All Hallo Eve

  83. Debbie M says:

    Thumbs up for “Chillingsworth Manor”, bring it on.

  84. I am not usually a huge fan of Halloween paper but I found Carta Bella and MME would have to be my chocie as it can be used not only for halloween but other projects as well…

  85. ChrisTea says:

    I really love My Minds Eye and October Afternoon. Wonderful Halloween images.

  86. Fabulous…all are awesome! But to bad we could only pick 2!

  87. I love graphic 45 and authenique collections!!!!


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