The Flashback ‘Recipe’ Challenge

Wow, new and exciting changes are happening over at KI Memories.  As trends change companies need to rethink their styles and change too.  KI Memories has certainly done that and in a big way.

Flashback collection

Their new line Flashback is fun, trendy, and very easy to create with.  Polaroid frames, hexagon shapes, film strips, graphic stamps, glitter die cuts just to name a few items that I loved.  I was amazed at how quickly I pulled together a layout and card using the supplies that I pulled for the recipe challenge.  Truthfully, if you look at my layout and card you might be hard pressed to know it is actually mine but I was so moved my the materials in my hands that what emerged was a fun new style for me that I really like.

The Flashback “Recipe” Challenge

So let’s talk about the recipe challenge.  First the team picked a color scheme:  blue, brown, pink/red, with an optional use of white. Then we decided to add certain embellishments in the mix.

  1. First on the list were the washi tapes (love them),
  2. Next were the stamps, (swoon), and
  3. Lastly were the polaroid frames, (double swoon)!

Truthfully there wasn’t a paper or an embellishment in the collection that I wouldn’t have wanted six of!

My Scrapbook Layout

So I sorted the product out by colors I needed first and then I started picking the items that I felt went best together.  As these items were coming together I felt it was time to pick a picture so I looked through my photos that I wanted to scrap and came across a photo that I loved which had been lightly sepia toned when it was printed. I also realized that the smile on my daughter’s face would be perfect paired to some of the embellishments that I had picked out such as the Smile Washi Tape and the Smile polaroid photo frame.  After those pieces fell into place, the rest was easy.

scrapbook ideas ki flashback

 My Card

My card was also a lot of fun to make.  The contrasting colors of orange and blue looked amazing on the brown background paper.  Talk about eye catching. I had to use another Polaroid frame and this time picked one with a word that doubled as the title of the card.  Then I started looking for stickers that would compliment the title that I had started to create and Love this Memory and Sweet Life were the perfect mix for the card.

card ideas flashback

I hope that you enjoy the layout and card that I made for you today.  I want to thank KI Memories for giving us this wonderful opportunity to use their newest products in our projects.  I look forward to even more fun and trendy product coming soon.


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