12 Things I Learned About Scrapbook Layering This Week

I thoroughly enjoyed layering week this week, and I hope you did too! It’s a technique I’ve admired for ages but had never learned to do. But with all that I learned this week, I have a feeling that my layouts will have a bit more oomph & depth soon :)

Here are the Top 12 Things I Learned About Layering This Week ….

  1. Layers do not need straight lines. Who knew?!? {Note to self: Step away from the paper trimmer!}
  2. Foam adhesives (like 3-D Dots) are a must. I hope Michael’s has enough in stock to cover all the PCC readers who’ll be stocking up this weekend!
  3. You can do really cool stuff with stickers! Time to dig back into my stash. Good thing I never throw anything away! I think the diecuts & stickers in my ScrapRack just found new life!
  4. If you move the paper when fussy-cutting (not the scissors), you’ll get smoother cuts. (Great tip, Emma!)
  5. Layering doesn’t have to mean messy. No matter your style, layering seems to add a little somethin’-somethin’ to it.
  6. Do not, under any circumstances, attempt to figure-out the per page cost of your project after a good layering frenzy. Some things aren’t meant to be calculated. I think there’s a good inventory term like “sunk costs” in there somewhere.
  7. You can do a lot more with paper scraps than I realized. I need to organize my paper scraps so I can use them more!
  8. Mist. Paint. Splatter. Stamp. Gesso. Ink. Journal. Doodle. Stitch.
  9. Speaking of which, I need to buy some gesso!
  10. You can cluster & adhere items together before sticking them to the background. Genius!
  11. Layering and “perfection” don’t mix. The imperfection is part of the charm!
  12. I totally, totally, totally need to purchase and learn to use a sewing machine. Period.

What about you? What were some of your favorite layering tips, techniques & inspiration from this week?

More Scrapbook Layering Tutorials

We featured two fabulous tutorials created JUST for us for our special Layering Week coverage. Thank you Emma and Corrie!

Here are a few more tutorials I thought you might be interested in checking out …. Click the photo to be taken directly to the original blog post or tutorial shown / referenced….

Ronda Palazzari

Ronda is contributing a signed copy of her brand new book, Art of Layers, to our Layering Loot giveaway this week. Here are links to two different tutorials on her blog that I thought you would particularly enjoy….

Ronda Palazzari - "Anatomy of My Layers" - Mar 29, 2012

Ronda Palazzari - Simple Layers Walk Through - May 2011


Jennifer Evans for Pink Paislee

There were a full 5 days of layering tips and techniques on the Pink Paislee blog earlier this month. Jennifer Evans created this layout ….

Layout by Jennifer Evans for Pink Paislee - march 2012

In the written part of her tutorial, Jennifer talks about which adhesives she selects for which layers of project and why. And for fun, she also created a 4 1/2 minute “fast speed” video showing her process start to finish.  After watching Corrie’s video yesterday, I was interested to note that Jennifer *does* use a trimmer for most of her layers 😉

Annabelle O’Malley for Webster’s Pages

Annabelle O’Malley shared this layout created for Webster’s Pages, and discussed, “How Do I Know My Layout is Finished?”  In it she walks through the 4 main steps she takes on her layouts and her thought processes for knowing each — including when she knows it’s DONE.

Layout by Annabell O'Malley for Webster's Pages - march 2012

Nic Howard for Fancy Pants

Nic Howard is the teacher for one class in the “layering” bundle of classes in our Layering Loot giveaway. She created this “30-minute” layout for Fancy Pants and provided her step-by-step photo tutorial.

Layout by Nic Howard for Fancy Pants - March 2012


Have you enjoyed our Layering Week? I know I have! I’ve learned SO much this week and I hope you have too! Just one more post will be our final “layer” on the week …


The Layered Scrapbook Page: A Video Tutorial

Corrie Jones joins us today for day four of Layering Week at PaperCrafter’s Corner.  Corrie is a bit of a “rising star” in the paper crafting world, but that’s really no surprise considering her clean yet layered & trendy style. Corrie is on the design teams for American Crafts, Pink Paislee, SRM Stickers and Hambly.

Today, Corrie has put together an AMAZING video tutorial shot in fast-motion that will let you see the entire process as she creates one of her signature clean-yet-layered pages. When I watched it, I felt like I was standing over her shoulder at a crop and having her talk me through each step — but in super fast motion without getting bored (she edited out the “sitting & thinking” parts) and without my feet getting tired:)

As you watch the video, keep your eyes peeled. You’ll see her using a few of the items included in our Layering Loot giveaway, including Washi Tape, SRM Stickers (galore!), Thickers and her Slick Writer :)

Corrie Jones on Layering

Layering on a scrapbook page is my favorite way to scrapbook.  The layers add texture and dimension to my pages and I feel like it really helps to showcase my photos.  Besides that, it is such a fun technique!  I have been known to get lost in my layering and have had to cut myself off before the page gets too thick to put in a page protector.  But I guess that would be a great use for one of those shadow boxes.

Layering also seems to open up the supply possibilities.  I can go wild in a Michaels and not even hit the scrapbooking aisle.  And then there are the office supplies stores!  Random papers, clips, tabs and shipping tags can all be used.  I can even find fun stuff at the grocery store to use in my layering like magazine pages and paper doilies.  Layering supplies can really get the creative juices flowing!

Corrie’s Process

  • Anyway, because the photos are really the focal point on my pages, not the layers, I do start with my photos.  Then I jump around.  So, always photos first.  Then I choose a background for my page.  I like to stick with neutral cardstock, but I will use a lightly patterned neutral patterned paper as well.
  • With the photos and background chosen, I start back at the photos and build my layers down towards the background.  Often the design idea I started with will change during the layering process, so instead of layering up, layering down gives me more leeway to change things.
  • Once the paper layers going down are finished, then I paint, mist, add flat things like rub ons and stickers to my background paper.
  • Once it is all stuck down it is a great base to my page.  But now the fun begins, going back to the top and adding all the rest.  Thickers, washi tape, buttons, brads, maybe a little bling or a small flower, tags, banners, twine, stitching.  All the great stuff to decorate the page and make it mine.
  • I add, adjust, stick, etc. and then step back.  Then add more.  Sometimes more after that.  It is done when it feels done, or when I run out of matching stuff or when I force myself to put down the glue and walk away!

My husband once asked me how much one of my layered pages cost.  Yikes!!!  I really don’t know but it could get pretty high!  But it helps me keep my stash more manageable and I can more easily justify getting the lastest and greatest each CHA.  A girl loves to shop!

The Layout

So, now that you know a bit about Corrie’s process, you are in for a real TREAT as you watch her create THIS gorgeous layout!

The Video

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ZrDCk8IF3Y?rel=0&w=480&h=360]
Wasn’t that just amazing? You can’t tell me you weren’t on the edge of your seat just wondering WHAT she was going to do next? And seriously, I can’t believe she doesn’t measure. She just cuts. And it’s not even straight and it doesn’t matter. Love that!!

The Closeups


Look at that detail! So much detail without any clutter at all! So, what do you think? Are you up for giving “layering” a try?

Stay tuned. Layering Week wraps up tomorrow!

Giveaway: Loot for Layered Cards & Scrapbook Layouts!

We are having a great time with our Layering Week here at PaperCrafter’s Corner?  I love the tutorials and roundups, but aren’t the giveaways fun too?

We have pulled together a really awesome selection of goodies to give away that will help you take your layered projects up to the next level.  The Layering Prize Package carries a total value of more than $145! Check it out …..

Tonic Studios / Tim Holtz Non-Stick Micro Scissors

As you heard from Emma in her tutorial yesterday, she relies upon her favorite Tonic scissors to do her “fussy cutting” as she selects shapes from her patterned paper stash to include in her layouts.  These Tonics are small, easy to hold, micro-serrated for clean cuts, and non-stick. MSRP $11.95.

5 Packages of Thickers from American Crafts

Everybody loves the American Crafts Thickers for adding that extra “oomph” and dimension to their titles on layouts. Plus, what could be easier? American Crafts is providing an assortment of Five(!) different packages of the uber-popular “Thickers” as part of our prize package.

The package includes regular, foam, glitter, foil and frosted Thickers. Fun! You’ll get to see some Thickers in action in our guest video tutorial tomorrow, so be sure to check that out. MSRP $4.99/ea for almost $25 worth of Thickers!



 6 Rolls of Washi Tapes from Love My Tapes

As you know from our Wild About Washi Tapes post earlier this year, Washi Tape is hot! And it’s so fun & easy to add bits of it here & there on your paper crafting projects. Love My Tapes is providing an assortment of Six(!) different rolls of their brand new Washi Tape for our prize package. (You’ll see some Washi Tape in action in the video tutorial tomorrow.) MSRP $2.75/ea or $16.50 worth of Washi.

3 Slick Writer Pens from American Crafts

As you saw in Emma’s tutorial yesterday and you’ll see in Corrie’s tutorial tomorrow, any good layered project needs a black pen for journaling and doodling is a plus!

This set of 3 Slick Writer Pens from American Crafts gives you 3 different nibs to choose from, so you’ll be sure to have just the right look for your project. MSRP $10.00.




4 Packages of Border Stickers from SRM Stickers

As you saw in Corrie’s layout in our roundup on Monday and you’ll see in her video tutorial tomorrow, stickers are another great and easy way to add depth and layers to your projects. (Visit the SRM blog for more ideas of fun things you can do with these!)

SRM Stickers is donating 4 different packages of border stickers for our awesome prize package! MSRP of $2.99/ea or almost $12 total.


Signed Copy of Art of Layers, by Ronda Palazzari

Layer with Ronda Palazzari as she teaches you just how easy it is to get that desired layered look in any project. With five chapters, Art of Layers will help you build your skills, from various paper techniques, to working with fabric and adding embellishing, stamping, and experimenting with paints, mists and gesso.

Accompanying projects show each technique in action and illustrate how they can be used in combination, to develop endless possibilities for an even grander project. Ronda’s book has a MSRP of $24.99 but is on sale now at Amazon for just $16.49 for the book or $9.99 for the kindle edition.


A 30-day All Access/ Extra Credit Pass to Miss Arts Paper Crafting School

There are many choices of classes to take at Miss Arts Papercrafting School! During your 30 days, be sure to take the Layered Layouts class from Julie Winks: In “Layered Layouts”, you will accompany our inspired resident architect, Julie Winks, as she explains the essential underpinnings of daringly designed layouts. Beginning at the ground floor with paper selection, Julie, covers the first step of the layering process; building a strong foundation with mists and paints. Texture pastes and stencils are then demonstrated as she begins to build nests for featured elements. Tearing, distressing, and coloring muslin are central to “Layered Layouts’ ” approach to the main area of your layout, as are photo selection and aging techniques. Julie completes her class by combining depth, dimension and color in her journaling and titles. This is an advanced 201 course taught in 12 number of easy-to-follow dynamic videos. “Layered Layouts” is available to aspiring paper architects now!  This 30-day pass carries a value of $15.

Layers of Loveliness 3-Class Bundle from TrueScrap

As you know, True Scrap 3 is just around the corner featuring 15 online classes – live – in 3 days. JUST for PaperCrafter’s Corner readers, Lain has hand selected three of her best “layering” classes from previous True Scrap sessions together in one unique Layers of Loveliness bundle just for us. One of you will win the bundle for free, but the rest of you have the chance to take these 3 classes for just $14.95. Available elsewhere for $9.99/ea so that’s like getting them for 50% off! (If you purchase the class bundle and then end up winning it, don’t worry — Lain will give you a refund :)

The bundle includes:

  1. Touch Me! All About Texture with Nic Howard. Nic Howard is known for her ability to create visually stimulating textures and dimensions on a scrapbook page, and now she’s going to share her favorite techniques with you! Learn how she builds eye-catching pages that are as meaningful as they are artistic.
  2. Designing Your Story With Embellishment Clusters with Noell Hyman. We can bring the layers, the embellishments — all the eye-catching details — together to create embellishment gatherings that will draw a person into your creations and lead their eye to where you want it go! You’ll learn different types of gatherings and the places you can put them on your scrapbook and mini-book pages, the different elements that make up a great layered embellishment gathering , and different types of supplies you can choose that will become the parts and pieces of your embellishment gatherings.
  3. Stitch It. Dot It. Edge It. with May Flaum. Whether it’s outlining title letters, adding a bit of ink to the edge of her patterned paper, or hand stitching a bit of thread onto a layout, odds are May Flaum is doing something on her project to add a touch of contrast. With just a few moments of time and a little creative thinking she is known for adding layers of detail and interest to her layouts. In this class, you will watch as May adds finishing touches to her layouts using a pen, needle and thread, and several other low budget options. With a little inspiration and a lot of project examples and simple how-to you’ll see how a little detail can go a long way in taking your page from nice to wow.

Click >>HERE to learn more about the special 3-class bundle for $14.95.


Is that a lot of Layering Loot or what?!? Whoever wins this is winning the motherLoad of Layering goodness! (Can I admit I’m a little jealous?)

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