Sneak Peek Spring 2012: My Mind’s Eye {Indie Chic Nutmeg / Indie Chic Saffron}

My Mind’s Eye shared the 3rd and 4th color collections of their new Indie Chic release today. (We showed you the 1st & 2nd versions of the new Indie Chic collections here yesterday.) Today’s collections are Indie Chic Nutmeg and Indie Chic Saffron …

A brief glimpse of Indie Chic Nutmeg

LOVE this new collection!! I’m SO all over this one!

And here’s a glimpse of Indie Chic Saffron….

What do you think of these? And the other mid-season sneak peeks released earlier in the week?

To see more of Indie Chic Nutmeg or Indie Chic Saffron, visit the My Mind’s Eye blog here.

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