Poll: Paper Crafting Trends: When Do They Hit Your Projects?

I have an announcement to make: This weekend, I created my very first layout using ….. wait for it ….. a BANNER! Yes, alert the paper crafting media!

I can imagine the headlines now …

Susan Mintmire Adopts Banner Trend on Scrapbook Layout

Banner Trend Given Death Sentence

Why a Death Sentence?

Like it or not, I have come to realize that in the product adoption lifecycle, I fall firmly in the area of Late Majority, as shown in the graphic below:

image source: wikipedia

What happens after those of us in the Late Majority adopt a trend? Yep, it’s the beginning of the end, isn’t it?

My place on the graph pretty much applies to anything related to taste or fashion. (Remember my post here about painting my kitchen Copen Blue (aka: teal)  in the fall of 2011? I still LOVE my teal kitchen …. But teal (turquoise) was the color of the year in 2010. See how this works?)

Of course, there are advantages to being a “Late Adopter.” For example, I get to shop for home decor accessories at Homegoods, Target and even Walmart instead of being limited to only the trendiest (aka: priciest) of boutiques.

And by adopting scrapbook trends late in the game, I am easily able to find what I’m looking for, without having to stalk products and tools. Of course, I’m happy to help YOU stalk….

What about you?

When do trends hit YOUR paper crafting projects? Where do you fall in the “adoption” life cycle of paper crafting trends? Are you an innovator? An Early Adopter? An Early Majority? A Late Majority? Or {gasp} Laggard? Come vote and tell us where YOU fall on the trends.

Where do you fall on the paper crafting life cycle?

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I’d love to hear more about your thoughts on trends, where they fit on your projects, how you “adopt” them and where they fit into your paper crafting supplies. Leave a comment!

Your Faithful Late-Majority Adopter(& Cheerleader),

Susan :)


  1. says

    I am a collector — I have saved it with the picture — someday soon I will use it — I hate to open a new package for one piece– I believe what is old will be new again ? I hope so spent the weekend in the basement and well I found 25 pairs of my MIL shape scissors — in a nice creative memories case — saving them for Granddaughters– I like to seek some new items -i know I’ll need them! My 22 12×12 boxes and 16 verticals of paper may not last!

  2. says

    This sounds like Seth Godin’s Unleashing the Idea Virus. I am a cross between an Early Adopter and an avoider! I find out about everything immediately, but I only use it if I like the idea…otherwise, I will pretend the new item does not exist. Because I’m an early adopter, I frequently grow tired of a trend before the Early Majority finds it. This usually means that there are happy scrapbookers at my garage sales. :)

  3. says

    I’m a late bloomer when it comes to crafting – mainly because a long time ago, I can’t buy craft supplies with the meager allowance that my mom gave me, and I had no idea what’s going on with the rest of the crafting world.

    Just last year, I bought foam stamps and scrapbook paints. Can anyone tell me how many crafters use scrapbooking paint and foam stamps these days?

  4. says

    If you want to buy electronics, wait until I buy something and the price drops dramatically. As for crafting, I do very little shopping online, so I am stuck with a couple trips a month to the dr in the big town (120 miles) and buy what I can afford. When I worked, I had a ton of stuff, for a long time, not so much. Now I actually have an Expression, and I am flabbergasted at the people who buy every machine and cart in sight – I have 14 carts. The only thing I was ahead on was Core’dinations paper and my Cuttlebug and nearly every regular embossing folder in existence. I tend to stay with classics and things that please me, and so far, my homemade cards and gifts have been a hit even if they aren’t trendy or hip.

    • Susan Mintmire says

      Ha, I hear you! I’m definitely with you on the electronics thing! We have a TV from like 1980 in our basement that will take 5 strong men to move when it finally gives out for good. But we just seem to keep waiting for that better deal!

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