Inspired By Bloggy friends I’ve never met in real life.

by Rebecca Boyer

I hope you all had a wonderful New Year!  I don’t know about you, but there’s just something about wrapping up the holidays and enjoying the freshness of a new year!

As much as I wanted 2011’s first Inspired By column to be about decorating and crafty magic, I just couldn’t not write about an extraordinary thing happening in the blog world.  If you are like me, you read your favorite blogs every day, without fail, and look forward to what will be written and what images will be shared.  The amazing thing is that the chances of you actually “knowing” the person who sends those words over the internet are pretty slim.  We know more about them than some of us know about our family members, but we’ve never seen them in real life.

What amazes me even more is the outpouring of love and support that becomes so evident when a blogger is in need.  Case in point. Edie of Life in Grace.  I’ve been following her blog for a while now and was so sad to hear the devastating news that her home burned to the ground just a few days before Christmas.  Miraculously, her entire family is safe and uninjured.  They are now rebuilding their lives, one step at a time, but not without immense support from family, friends, and bloggers.  Edie’s birthday was this week, and more than 175 bloggers each took time to post about the impact Edie has had on their lives.  And most of them have never met face to face.    You can read more here, and here, and here.

Things like this make me so happy to be a part of this little big blog world!

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