Favorite Valentine Collection Poll Winners — and a Giveaway!

Did you get a chance to vote in our favorite Valentine collection poll? We listed 13 current 2012 Valentine paper collections and gave you one week to vote. During that week, we had a total of 675 voters and a total of 1327 votes. (Each voter was allowed to vote for two collections, though some voters opted to vote for only one.)

As you can see below, the voting was close! Here were our top 4 collections ….


As you can see above, Echo Park – Yours Truly won with a total of 247 votes. Crate Paper and Basic Grey battled it out for 2nd place, with Crate Paper – Paper Heart ultimately taking 2nd place with 194 votes and Basic Grey – Kissing Booth placing 3rd with 185. My Mind’s Eye – Love Me took 4th with 126 votes.


Win the Echo Park – Yours Truly collection!

Echo Park Yours Truly


As the winner of our little contest, Echo Park has generously agreed to provide one PaperCrafter’s Corner reader with a Your Truly collection kit. If you’d like to enter to win, simply leave a comment here telling us your favorite page, pattern or characteristic of the Yours Truly collection. We’ll choose one commenter at random and Echo Park will send him/her  the full Yours Truly collection.

Be sure to enter soon because this giveaway will close on Saturday night, January 14th, at midnight eastern. Good luck & have fun!!



  1. Tiffany McCreedy says

    I really love the Sweetheart paper because of the worn look and I feel it can be used for the guys as well as the gals.

  2. Terri Harmon says

    I love the color palette with the red, black, gray combos. Very classic and not overly pink or whimsical. Thanks Echo Park for your generosity. :-)

  3. Denise M says

    I love that’s it’s not the typical overly red and white color schemes. Can be used for more than just Valentine’s Day.

  4. Carol Douglass says

    I just love the journaling cards, maybe it is the old typewriter..no, maybe it is the old car…no, I think it is the train…oh darn, I love it all!

  5. CorinaT says

    I really had a hard time picking one paper or characteristic……I love that newsprint, and the Smitten paper is fabulous as well. Thanks for a great collection EP!!! (The Journaling Cards are great!!!)

  6. Kelli V says

    Hugs and Kisses and Rose Blossom are my favorites! Hugs and Kisses has a vintage look to it and I absolutely LOVE the wording going across the Rose Blossom paper, extremely poetic!

  7. Melissa Lightner says

    Love the little typewriters! So very vintage. My job is to type up ads for a local paper, so in the old days that would’ve been a tool of the trade.

  8. says

    You mean I actually have to pick only one thing about this line I love…. well I love it all!!! but my fave is for sure the typewriter and the vintage yet fun color combination! just brilliant!!

  9. Viji says

    Congrats EP!! I love the whole black, white, pink, red combos along with the polka dot paper !! It is truly lovely!!

  10. Stephanie Patterson says

    I really love the Top Hat on the Element stickers. So cute. I also really like the Hugs & Kisses Paper. Would love to use that.

  11. Karen Young says

    I love the color comboinations. I am into black and white with a splash of a vibrant thirs color and this line fits me perfectly.

  12. Melissa says

    I love the journaling cards page! I can’t “forget” to journal when I have these cute little cards on hand. They make journaling fun and not so much of a chore. I love the Crush page as well with all those cute dots!

  13. carol in seattle :) says

    I love all the grey in this line…especially the grey chevron paper! Nobody does it like Echo Park!

  14. Bev Gardner says

    I love that this collection has the traditional colors of red and pink but then surprises us with gray and black! It all goes together nicely!

  15. Channie Johnson says

    I love Echo Park paper in general. This is the one I want currently as Valentines is coming up. I love all the black paisleys!!

  16. Melissa D. says

    Cherished is by far my favorite paper in the collection! I would be happy with a pack of just that! Love it! Thanks for the fun!

  17. Audrey says

    I love all of the valentines or “Yours Truly” collection. I think its the colour combo of red, black pink and grey…oh and the embellies too!

  18. Lisa P says

    I love the grays and blacks mixed in with the pink and red. I can see using this with a guy with the blacks and grays as the main color with pops of the pink and red. Love the piece with the journaing cards and sentiments on it.

  19. Danielle Higginbottom-Brown says

    I love how there is grey throughout the collection! thanks for the chance
    daniellehigginbottom at hotmail dot com

  20. Jennifer says

    I love how versitile the paper collection is. I can see so many ways to use it. The quality of echo park paper makes it easy to know that you are getting quality and they have a fantastic design team. Love it!!! Thanks for all your hard work.

  21. says

    I voted for Echo Park & MME!

    My favorite sheet from the Yours Truly Collection is Love Notes. Love the script background.

    Thanks for the chance to win this super sweet paper collection.

  22. says

    I love Echo Park paper collections…they are absolutely one of my favorites collections. My favorite things about Yours truly is that vintage typewriter and the pink, red, gray and black pallette. Gorgeous!

  23. Kerry says

    Congratulations on the win! I’m crazy about polka dots, so my faves are the dotted ones, although I love everything Echo Park! Thanks for the chance to win and making my day extra special :)

  24. says

    I luv everything about the Yous Truly collection! The colors & designs used 4 the papers & icons used on the stickers! It’s absolutely wonderful! Thanx 4 the chance 2 win;) ~prhmangel at gmail dot com

  25. Kathy Young says

    I have this obsession with polks dots & vintage typewriters, so that’s my favorite thing about this collection! I really want 2 win this! Thank you so much!

  26. Angela A says

    Echo Park has some fabulous paper and great customer service too! Love everything about this new, great company!

  27. Sara Workman says

    I absolutely love Echo Park! Yours Truly is such a cute line. I adore the muted colors and the old fashiony look to it! I hope I win!

  28. Jennifer M. says

    Yeah EP! I love the various colors and patterns which make it versatile for more than just Valentine’s Day.

  29. says

    I love the Hugs & Kisses paper because I’m using it for a design team layout. I love that the collection isn’t just red and white, it’s got some pink and black thrown in which are my fav’s.! Congrats Echo Park…your paper ROCKS!

  30. Sue Smith says

    I love the sweetheart paper and the honeymoon paper. I love hearts and the stripes on the honeymoon paper just calls to me. I think the versatility and color pallet of the entire collection is awesome!! 😀

  31. Alexia Misso says

    Favorite page? That sounds kinda hard to choose, because they are all too gorgeous!! I only looked through them on retailer site and dont have one here yet, that’s why I’m here to win the collection!! Lol just can pray, thank you for the chance to win!!

  32. says

  33. says

    YaY! Both of my favorites were on the top four list!! EP and MME!! My favorite peice of paper in the collection is the Crush – polka dots, so vibrant! I love the nostalgic style of this collection! Thank you for a chance! Karrie O.

  34. says

    No surprise that this collection won first place! It’s fabulous! I especially love the bright V-Day colors… and Echo Park always included lots of cool stickers in their collection packs! :)

  35. Tammy Luiz says

    My favorite page is the Sweetheart page…especially the B side, and the B side of Honeymoon is a close second

  36. Cynthia B. says

    I love these patterned papers…and the B sides are just as striking as the “front” sides – especially (for me) the chevron-type pattern on the back of Love Notes and the black/text print polkadot on the back of Adore. Details matter, and from the typewriter and ticket stickers to the skylines – Yours Truly truly is a winner!

  37. Jessie says

    I love the “crush” paper, as well as the journaling cards and the letter stickers! Sooo cute! Thanks for the chance to win :)

  38. Leslie Kiley says

    I just love everything about Echo Park’s collection. The wonderful colors , the polka dot pages, the wonderful icons to use to embellish my favorite holiday’s pages!I am ” Smitten”! Thanks for the chance to win!

  39. Amy K says

    I really love the whole collection, but the Love Notes paper & element stickers are my favs.
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  40. jengd says

    Great designs and I love the addition of black to help balance it out- it’s not “syrupy” like some other Valentine’s lines.

  41. says

    Besides the gorgeous colors, I love the vintage images like the ones on the “Newsprint” and “Journaling Cards” pieces! Thanks so much to you all and EP for the chance to win this amazing collection!

  42. jan m says

    Echo Park was my top vote! It is the total package that makes it number one but I do heart the dots pattern, the pinks and greys, the glitter, the newsprint, all one one page!!!!!! Could sure use some more because will be sending out my annual friendship cards with this EP line!!

  43. Sue Alg says

    Besides the color palette (soft greys, pinks, reds) I love the element sticker sheet–so retro, which I just love. There is also a grey houndstooth pattern which I think is really neat.

  44. Linda J says

    I love Echo Park. In this collection, I like Crush and Rose Blossom. And I wish I had them to make valentines! I can’t run out to my LSS because it closed :( So online is my only option but these shipping costs are horrible! But for Echo Park…

  45. Cathy R says

    Would have to say the Honeymoon collection is my favorite. Can never go wrong with stripes! Also the journaling cards are fabulous, too.
    MCF’s Mimi


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