Design Team Updates ~ G45, Copic, LYB and more

As you know from our discussion in September, we created a design team coverage spin-off for those of you who really like to DIG into the details of the who, what, when, and why of all things related to design teams. But I know that most of you still like to keep up with the “high level” details of the design team world and since this week was a busy one in Design Team land, here’s a quick recap — some of which was originally reported at


Graphic 45 announced the 30 finalists for the G45 2012 design team call. Those finalists have until March 23, 2012 to complete the 2nd level of the application process. Those 30 finalists are … Karen Zueger– USA; Alberto Juárez Díaz – Spain; Nate Da Silva – France;  Nancy Wethington – USA; Romy Veul – Netherlands; Susan Fraser – Canada; Arlene Cuevas – USA; Karen Foy – UK; Maiko Miwa – Japan; Theresa Kimbrell – USA; Nicole Eccles – USA; Shell Carman – Australia; Kristin Wilson – USA; Gloria Stengel – USA; Roberto Cesar dos Santos – Brazil; Melanie Forbes – Australia; Sharon Ngoo – Singapore; Laura Denison – USA; Susan Killam – USA; Clare Charvill – UK; Jane Tregenza – Australia; Denise Hahn – USA; Kelly Klapstein – Canada; DeeDee Catron – USA; Tara Orr – Canada; Torill Fossum Stamnes – Norway;  Jim Hankins – USA; Jan Hennings – USA; Tracy Burtt – USA; Susan Lui – Singapore. Congrats all! More details available HERE.

Little Yellow Bicycle

Little Yellow Bicycle announced their first ever “Biker Chick” call. This is their first official design team call! Applications are due by March 18, 2012. More details here.


Copic Marker quietly added two NEW members to their design team this week. Cindy Lawrence and Michele Boyer were added to the team. Congrats Cindy & Michele! Copic has a total of 6 members on their team now including Marianne Walker, Colleen Schaan, Debbie Olson, and Sherrie Siemens.

Designer Roundtable

DesignTeamCalls began a new Q&A “Designer Roundtable” column focused on the burning questions that aspiring designers want to know. This week’s question was surrounding tips for building a career in teaching paper crafts classes. Answers were provided by teaching professionals including Trisha Ladouceur, Debby Schuh, Jen Starr, Jennifer Priest, Stayce Dewid and Dina Wakley. You can read the full Q&A here.


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