Craft Pantry Staples from Vintage Street Market – Poll & Giveaway!

And now it’s time for a sponsor highlight & giveaway!!  We {heart} our sponsors!

Craft Pantry STAPLES Line!

Vintage Street Market is excited to introduce you to its newly expanded Craft Pantry Staples line! Craft Pantry Staples are simply those go-to items that coordinate with most all styles and help define your style.

New products Twirly Twine & Bingo Cards are joining the very popular Tinted Tape and Family Fun Accessory Kit. Check ‘em out …

Vintage Street Market- Craft Pantry Staples - Twirly Twine

Vintage Street Market - Craft Pantry Staples - Bingo Cards

Vintage Street Market - Craft Pantry Staples - Tinted Tape


Vintage Street Market Family Fashion Set


Enter to WIN

Now you can put these Staples in your craft pantry! Up for grabs we have … All 4 of the Tinted Tape colors, All 6 of the Twirly Twine colors, one set of  Bingo cards, and the Family Fashion Set. A $40 value!

To enter to win, simply leave a comment here here on this post telling us which is better stocked these days: Your Crafty Pantry or Your Food Pantry?

Ha! I have a feeling I know which one most of you will say! And tell us a little more about the state of your craft pantry, your craft shopping style, or what kitchen pantry items have ended up being used in your craft room! And answer our poll below, just for fun :)

Which is better stocked? Your Craft Pantry or Your Kitchen Pantry?

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Good luck & have fun! Poll closes on Wednesday, March 21st at midnight eastern!

For vintage crafting inspiration, please visit the Vintage Street Market blog at and join Vintage Street Market on Facebook and Pinterest! Thank you VSM for being a valued sponsor!



  1. Michelle says:

    Definitely my craft pantry! I have discovered the wonderful world of acrylic stamps and all of the fabulous products available nowadays. I am having so much fun and always enjoy having some bite-size chocolate candy handy when I am “playing”!.

  2. sandra marx says:

    This is so funny! I wonder if anyones food stock is better than their craft stock! i am ashamed to admit that my craft stock pile is waaaaaaaay more than the amount of food i have ever had.

  3. Craft pantry, definitely, but I can always use more! :o)

  4. My craft shopping goes by what I see that I would love to create with. I recylced a very old spice rack into a storage container for my brads and buttons.
    Thank you for the chance to win these goodies!

  5. Renee Adler says:

    Definitely my craft pantry….I would rather craft than eat!

  6. Amy Jones says:

    Well they both are low for sure. But I still think I have more in the Food Pantry… what a shame……thanks for a chance to put a lil more in the craft stash….

  7. Rhonda T says:

    Not even close … my craft pantry! I continually feed from it, so I’m always restocking with the fabulous new products I find! :-)

  8. My craft pantry is well stocked! A little more than my hubby would like. Cooking is just so overrated! Playing with paper is therapy!

  9. Kimberly says:

    My crafy panrty for sure!!! I keep buying and buying but never using as much as I should.

  10. Teresa Godines #6857 says:

    My craft pantry is better then the food pantry. But I am not ashamed…… food will spoil….. craft paper ages…..LOL

  11. Krysta Doerksen says:

    My craft pantry is definitely the better stocked of the two. I tend to be a paper hoarder, so I have piles of papers, but they’re too pretty to cut up! Lol! Right now my craft room is rather messy as well. I’m still struggling with how to best organize it and I keep changing my mind. Have a great weekend everyon!

  12. Sandy Breymann says:

    My craft pantry..I could probably survive a couple of weeks from my food pantry, but maybe a year or more with my craft

  13. always my craft pantry over my food pantry! what else do ya need besides coffee, coffeemate and a few snacks now and then! haha

  14. Jean Engler says:

    I could probably open my own store with my craft pantry. That being said I am always looking for new things to make sure I have on hand when I am in a creating mood!

  15. Mlightner says:

    Way too much patterned paper and other goodies that don’t always get used up, but hate to throw out. At least they’ll never spoil like the produce I buy.

  16. Right now, I’d have to say craft pantry but that is mainly because i haven’t grocery shopped this week! Thanks!

  17. sandyksk says:

    …definitely have more to do in my ~cave~room~ than that ‘other’ room…;)

  18. Oh, definitely the craft pantry. Too bad I cannot eat paper and embellishments. ;)

  19. Definitely my craft pantry!!! I can’t seem to stop buying new interesting stuff. NOTHING in the grocery store is even have as exciting.

  20. Alexia Misso says:

    Need to say more? If only I have more money :)

  21. My studio is better stocked than most stores! :-)

  22. Sharon Gullikson says:

    Well, here’s the thing: I have a lot of food in my pantry, but I don’t cook so it just sits there…….. But my craft pantry? I use my stuff all the time. Which means that I always “need” new stuff. I would love love love the tape!! I was hoping that you were giving that away. But then the accessories is really cute, too…. I love so MANY of your things!

  23. B. Poteraj says:

    I buy more crafts than food from the grocery store. I don’t have the desire to cook, but I do have the desire to do crafts.

  24. Definitely my craft pantry-my family wishes the groceries were as good as the crafty stuff.

  25. Natasha G.P. says:

    I like to eat, but I like to do crafts even more. Sooooo, I keep my craft room stocked fairly well. Even in this horrible economy I don’t mind spending cash on supplies.

  26. My craft pantry – by far!!! Every January and July I tell myself that I am not going to go crazy on the new products, but every CHA I am overwhelmed with the beauty, and I must HAVE IT ALL!!

  27. .:| Angela |:. says:

    Definitely my craft pantry! All the new stuff from CHA are finally showing up in the stores, we can eat less!

  28. Oh yeah-my craft pantry is definitely better stocked! I used to be in love with cooking until I found out about blogs/challenges/designers last June. Now we don’t eat dinner til 7-8pm and I just throw something together. The days of cooking a meat & 2 veggies is over! I’d much rather craft than cook! My DH is too happy-LOL

  29. Diane Hill says:

    Right now it is my food pantry.I’ve depleted my craft supplies recently.

  30. Oh definitely my craft pantry. Had to give up cooking for arting! LOL

  31. I will never be without craft supplies! Of course it cuts into the grocery bill, lol.

  32. my craft pantry is definitely better stocked but it would be quite a while before i went hungry too. love the products. thank you for the chance to win. ready to do the happy dance if my number is drawn.

  33. Kellie H says:

    I have to say definitely my craft pantry, my bottom less pit kids can’t eat my craft stuff…LOL I would say my craft pantry has some “expired” items that need to be recycled (given to DD) but I am such a hoarder and just can’t let go. (Thank goodness I don’t do this with the kitchen pantry) Other than tea, I can’t really think of anything I have used for crafting. Well I guess flour and water when the kids and I tried to make a pinata one…EPIC FAIL…LOL Thanks for the opportunity!

  34. My craft pantry is well-stocked, thank goodness! My son recently had two school projects and everything he needed was right at home. I could open my own store! It was so great to have everything we needed and super cool tools to make his projects over-the-top. And yes, my 12 year old is a master at the Creative Memories Cutting System.

  35. My craft pantry is difinitely better stocked than my food pantry and I’d rather craft than cook! I can always use more crafts and as far as using kitchen stuff in my craft room – I just got home from shopping where I picked up some kitchen organizing items for my craft room so I can find what I’m looking for. I’m sick of sorting thought my supplies to fine just the right item to scrap with!

  36. Corry heinricks says:

    Right now it’s my food Pantry because I’ve been on a paper craft break as I pursue my photo business but I am itching to get inky n play with paper again !!!

  37. beatrice lawson says:

    Ha… I am a bit of a hoarder so both are stocked but looking at the amount of paper stacks around me… have to go with Craft!! But, I don`t think there`s ever too much!

  38. Very funny survey! Actually I have a pretty good food pantry too so I can fix quick meals and have time to craft.

  39. My crafts have more stuff… but not much new stuff coming in. To bad we have to eat! My food pantry is always slim pickins. Mostly because I work at WalMart and can buy whatever after work and its always fresh :)

  40. My food pantry is losing out to my craft pantry, but both are pretty well stocked. It is just more fun to buy for the craft pantry !

  41. as much as I like food, I spend waaaaay more in craft supplies. Eventually I’ll take them out of the bags and start using them. If I ever need food, at least I can sell craft stuff (perish the thought)!

  42. Rebecca W says:

    It is about time to restock our food pantry- the best prices are an hour and a half away so we go about every 4 months and load down the car. My craft pantry I have been cleaning and sorting- so the big thing missing is the newest products that came out at CHA.

  43. Looks like a lot of us are feeding our scrapping habit better than our families! My crafty pantry is overflowing! Thanks for the chance!

  44. Sandra ltb says:

    hands down, my craft pantry – I can feast for a long time there!
    Sandra ltb

  45. my craft pantry is busting out all over. what i do need are coordinating supplies, like papers that match labels, stickers, cut-outs, etc. i also need chipboard frames and hearts and such. i have a large room full of stuff, and there is always something on my wish list!

  46. I do have alot of stuff in my craft pantry but with 2 little kids my food pantry wins hands down.

  47. My food pantry is more stocked. I love to make crafts, all sorts especially paper crafts. My kids (teenagers) enjoy them as well. We’ve made a ton of cards through a local stamp store here that recently closed. :( They were donated to an organization that donates cards to our troops overseas to send to their loved ones.. The paper scraps were also donated for craft supplies to a local rec center nearby.This was well worth the depletion of my paper supply. lolol Gives me excuse to buy more. ;) These things teach my kids a good sense of community and we get to spend a lot of quality time together. which is priceless. I may be without a lot of paper etc. I still have my (hoard) of dies and embossing folders though. :D:D:D

  48. I wish my craft pantry were filled a bit more and I am grateful for all I have. But my food pantry has to stay fully-stocked to feed my family. I’m so blessed to have the crafts I own, but would be thrilled to add to my crafting collection.

  49. Jennifer Smith says:

    For sure my Craft Pantry, I’m not much of a cook. And my Craft Pantry could always use a few more Staples ;)

  50. Haha, I’m a college student at a school with major emphasis on the arts, so I’m always picking up odds and ends everywhere for my crafting! I wish it was as easy to procure food for my apartment kitchen ;)


  51. My craft pantry is the best stocked one in my home. And it came in handy, too, this week when my son-in-law did a 4-day craft project with my grand kids during his visit from out of state. Although he thought he had brought everything he would need, he ended up borrowing lots of little things from my stash. : ) They had a great time, and their Easter projects turned out great!

    Sue C

  52. My Craft Pantry by a long shot. Poor DH just thinks we are eating healthier! :)

  53. Melinda Wilson says:

    LOL! This is so funny! I think I have enough in my craft cabinet for at least 10 years.

  54. Diane Standish says:

    not to say that I don’t have a well stocked kitchen pantry, but I like my craft pantry so much better!!! Sometimes I forget to eat because I am involved in a project! I just wait for great sales to get items for my craft room!

  55. Since I am a fairly new papercrafter my craft pantry is stil in growth mode so my food pantry is in better shape. I have used cereal boxes, wax paper and several other things from my food pantry for my crafts. Thanks for the chance to win this great prize.

  56. what a fun giveaway…thank you for the chance to win…

  57. Lisa Nelson says:

    My craft pantry is pretty well organized but I admit I could use some help controlling all the loose cardstock and printed paper. It is well stocked because I’m a sale/clearance kind of girl! I reuse many containers from my food pantry with mustard jars being my favorite!

  58. LOL my blog name says it all. My dh built me an absolutely magical cupboard under our stairs that holds my stash of everything. We definitely don’t have that much food storage!!!!

    I am in love with the Village Street accessory kit! Thanks for the contest

  59. I enjoy both multi-media crafting and cooking/baking both my pantrties are stocked pretty well, but somehow I always find the space to add a little bit more to the stash.
    Thanks for the fun contest.

  60. Its sad I know! My craft pantry is why more stocked than my regular food pantry! Love all the stuff! Thanks for the chance!

  61. Being that I am a catering manager and love food, my food pantry is stocked up. My craft pantry is starting to catch up. I have 7 different colors of twine and counting.

  62. My craft pantry, but I checked and double checked and I don’t have any Vintage Street Market staples in there. Would love, love to win. Thank you!

  63. My kitchen pantry is stocked about the same because I cook everything from scratch – and have craft ADD. After all, cooking is craft as well. As is knitting, crochet, needlepoint, etc. Papercrafts, however do seem to multiply even more than yarn skeins.

  64. Carla Hundley says:

    I have a whole room full of crafty items, and we almost alway eat out, so don’t have alot
    of food at the house!

    Carla from Utah

  65. most defiantly my crafty pantry,,,,hubby tells me I have taken over the house..I have one room for sewing & stained glass…then got into paper crafting…took over the kids toy room…for my paper crafting and polymer clay….also found out I CAN live on canned cheese(hey extra calcium) crackers and skittles!!!

  66. R.A. Luther says:

    my craft pantry is full because the food pantry is stocked and cooked by my husband. it’s amazing the stuff i have to create cards, scrapbook pages and art. i still want more and i do use itbut i also will create with just what’s on my worktable. i don’t have anything from vintage street market though. thanks for the chance to win more stuff. ruth

  67. Love the entire collection

  68. Nicole Allen says:

    My craft so called pantry(my bedroom) is full and was blocked by a foot board to our bed until just yesterday. Husband finally realized what he had done before I had to make a scene and explode on him about moving it. But he did create me a nice area in our room just for me.

  69. Food is important but I could not live without my craft supplies! Plus there are always lots and lots of new products coming out to enable our addictions!! My craft pantry is definitely more well stocked- ‘Eat to craft, craft to live’!

  70. Danielle Higginbottom-Brown says:

    Thank you for the chance!!!!! My Craft Pantry is definitely well stocked!!!!

  71. LOL!!! By far my craft stock— I know what’s important in life! haha Love this.

  72. Mary Rawson says:

    I want to say equal to kitchen and craft! I am big into food storage so building it up. I also love to craft shop so I am building that too ;)

  73. Mary Barger says:

    My craft pantry . My scrapping is better than my cooking.

  74. Kim Sanborn says:

    Yeah, my craft pantry as well! I don’t like to cook

  75. Kelly Sas says:

    I should be embarrassed to say that my craft pantry is much better stocked than my kitchen pantry, but I’m not and I always want more in it too!!! I am blessed though to have a talented hubby who loves building so he made me an amazing craft room last winter and the previous winter he made my walk in pantry. I like to be organized so both are now very organized and I can find what I need.

  76. Mary Elizabeth Tait says:

    While my food pantry is well-stocked, my craft pantry receives all the high end goods. So
    I have to say, I have a better and more widely stocked craft pantry! But isn’t it fun?

  77. Jan Mueck says:

    My craft pantry is much better stocked than my food pantry. Discovered today that the refrig is empty except for my “scrapping drink” – Cokes.

  78. Julie Dahl says:

    I would have to say my Craft Pantry is better stocked than my Food Pantry. I have a really good assortment of supplies to start a new album again. I love the vintage items posted here!

  79. My ‘craft’ pantry is waaaay better stocked than my kitchen pantry and always looking for the new items to add to it.

  80. Definitely my Crafty Pantry! I love these items , especially the tape! Something new to try

  81. crafty pantry for sure

  82. Suzy Gray says:

    i voted craft pantry… i have a little of everything i could ever need. but when i cook dinner i’m always out of something lol

  83. A year ago, my answer would have been food pantry but gladly now, my craft pantry is way ahead!! and I love it!! I find it much easier to look at my craft stash and put things together much easier than I ever do when I’m looking at food!!

  84. karenladd says:

    Oh, my craft pantry of course! And we all know that feeding the soul is just as important as feeding the body…so I have no guilt! I have been spending the past year trying to organize my crafty stash though…so that I know what I have and start using things instead of just hoarding. My biggest crafty temptation is stamps…..oh my! I think I’m more addicted to stamps than to chocolate!!

  85. My craft pantry is definitely better stocked than my kitchen pantry, I hate grocery shopping and lover craft shopping,…craft shopping wins :-)

  86. Jennifer Parker says:

    My dining room has been turned into my scrapbooking room! It’s a good thing I’m on a diet LOL!!

  87. It’s not even close. My craft pantry is way better stocked. I don’t even go to the grocery store!

  88. MaryBeth says:

    I have hungry teenagers so the food pantry is always depleted! I use the things in my craft pantry which means I have to constantly replenish with new products. Love the tape and the new products you previewed. I want them all!

  89. These product are totally awesome. I have never seen these products before. I love the aged tape. Thanks to Paper Crafters Cornerm for bringing these to my attention. I would love to win them, Thanks for giving me the chance to win.

  90. LOL – I’ve put off food shopping for a week now – I’ve got NOTHING in the cabinets. But I have lots of craft stuff! Hahah!

    Never saw this tape before – need to know more! :-)

  91. welllll what can i say i took the shelfs in the pantry out and put them in the craft room for better craft storage lafffffff….food storage is over rated that is what the pizza delivery guy is for and oh can you bring an extra box i need to make a mini album :) ….
    loving the products you have shown up there …that tape rocks nothing like having the things you want to craft with when you need them …so hard to find good things so when you find them grab them !!!!

  92. CathyinMN says:

    My craft pantry is definitely better stocked. Lately I’ve taken up making stick pins, so now I’m in the process of getting various beads. Thanks for the chance to win.

  93. Of course the craft pantry!!!! With that said I can always find room for more:). Thanks for the chance to win.

  94. Well I love Craft Pantry. My Craft Pantry is more stocked then My kitchen pantry but isn’t that the way. I live for Crafts. My hubby and kids are always say you have enough but I and iam sure all crafter’s say we can never have enough and we will always find a place or Places for more crafts. LOL

  95. Definitely my craft pantry, I have been slacking on my crafting lately. But I am getting back in the groove! I’ve got lots of projects lined up.

  96. My craft pantry for sure. I’m not much for food shopping, cooking, eating or cleaning up afterwards. But I love to shop for scrap supplies!

  97. Celeste B. says:

    My pantry is always pretty well stocked, but it can never compete with my scrap pantry.

  98. Joanne O'Brien says:

    My craft pantry has way more supplies than my food pantry which is rather small. I have taken over a bedroom for my card making and scrapping. Some day I won’t be able to afford all the great stuff I find in the craft stores so I decided I better stock up now! Plus while I am stamping, I’m not eating! My husband tells me that I never kept enough q-tips on hand til I started crafting, now he knows right where to find them. I sometimes use cardboard from cereal boxes and bleach from the laundry room in my crafting. I love my crafting! And can always find room for more “stuff” that I really need!

  99. definately the craft pantry…..I could survive on that for along time….We might starve, but I could continue to craft, lol……

  100. My craft pantry is always overflowing with product, I always buy new releases because I feel like I have to have it, but then it sits and I don’t use it. Probably mostly because I don’t have the time for crafting that I would really like to.

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