Colorbok Acquires Making Memories (etc)

Colorbok announced via an April 13 2012 press release their “acquisition of the paper crafting business of ANW/Creativity Works and Making Memories.”  We are just picking up on this development as Making Memories shared the news via their blog yesterday.

Who Is Colorbok?

Colorbok was established in 1984 and is a manufacturer & distributor of scrapbook products as well as kids crafts and other related items. Some of the current Colorbok brands you might recognize include: Colorbok, Cloud9 Designs, Heidi Grace (the old Heidi Grace brand — not her new brand) as well as licensed crafts for Peanuts and Dr Seuss.

While they have a blog, we don’t see them being particularly active in the traditional social media outlets, so many of us aren’t quite as familiar with their brand. When I think of Colorbok, I think of the Colorbok branded products I most often see in the craft aisle at Walmart and Joann …Like the Colorbok 12×12 Scrapbook Kit and the Colorbok Everyday Memories Page Kit shown below…

Making Memories

Making Memories has been an important player in the scrapbooking arena for years. I can remember feverishly stocking up on Making Memories eyelets back in 2003 like it was going out of style! (No pun intended.)

Recently, Making Memories experienced some struggles and was plagued by rumors, addressed in an open letter from their company President in September 2011. Making Memories then merged with ANW Crestwood in November 2011 (discussed here.)

At CHA Winter 2012 Making Memories introduced a conservative number of collections & products, but the new Modern Millinery collection was a big hit receiving several notices from prominent industry bloggers.

(A search of the Making Memories website indicates Modern Millinery is due to ship in mid May 2012.)

Of course, fans and owners of the Making Memories SLICE cutting system will be particularly interested to see what Colorbok does with the Slice along with its cartridges and accessories …..

What do you think of these recent developments surrounding Making Memories? As we learn more, we’ll be sure to keep you posted!


  1. says

    Wow, this is big news. Would have never thought that Colorbok would be the one to stay strong enough to buy Making Memories out. Love all of Making Memories paper products. Not really a Slice fan but I know a lot of crafters who are. I sure hope the Colorbok can continue MM style and quality that MM is known for.

  2. says

    I love my Slice and would like to see some new catridges. Making Memories has some great products, hope this puts things right for both companies.


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