Papercrafting Product Review: WRMK Pinwheel Punch Board

Papercrafting Product Review: WRMK Pinwheel Punch Board
We’re Putting Another Papercrafting Product Through Its Paces!

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And now, let’s check out the review…

Papercrafting Manufacturer: We Are Memory Keepers (WRMK) (image)

Papercrafting Manufacturer: We R Memory Keepers (WRMK)

Today’s papercrafting product review:

The We R Memory Keepers Pinwheel Punch Board

Papercrafting Tool: WRMK Pinwheel Punch Board (image)

Papercrafting Tool: WRMK Pinwheel Punch Board

I first learned about the We R Memory Keepers (WRMK) Pinwheel Punch Board while attending the Sierra Pacific Crafts Mixed Media Buyer Event last Summer.

Perhaps you checked out the hundreds of photos I shot at the Sierra Pacific Crafts event?

How about the Sierra Pacific Crafts event videos I shot?

If not, check ’em out when you have a moment – lots of fun new papercrafting products to get excited about!

Unfortunately the Pinwheel Punch Board was so new that Tauni (the lovely gal you see in the videos I shot in the American Crafts booth, linked above) was not able to demo it for me at the event – they only had one on hand and it was sealed and on display.

But this didn’t deter me – I was excited about checking it out and Tauni offered to send us one when the product became available.


Well, today’s the day to share our review of this fun new tool, yet another tool conceived of by Tavnir Carey, the brains behind the many wonderful Punch Boards from WRMK!

Even before we received the Pinwheel Punch Board for review, I immediately started thinking about ways I (and you!) might be able to put this fun new tool to use!

Create pinwheels for:

  • Birthday Parties
  • Weddings
  • Bridal & Baby Shower Decor
  • ChristmasDecorations (great for trees!)
  • New Year’s Eve Parties
  • New-Baby Present Giftwrap
  • Classrooms
  • Walkways/Lawns
  • As Display Items During Holiday Parades
  • Even in Your Car!

I’m sure you’ll come up with even more ideas once you’ve seen the Pinwheel Punch Board in action.

Are you ready for the review?


So, what do you think so far?

This Pinwheel Punch Board and accompanying Pinwheel Attachments make quick work of creating pinwheels, pinwheels that actually work!

Following are some important reminders from our review, followed by product specs, pros and cons discovered during our testing and the taping of the video, tips, tricks and usage ideas, pricing information, our manufacturer feedback, and our overall rating after completing our review.

Important Notes from the Video:

  • The Pinwheel Punch Board includes: one board, one corner punch, one cutting template & a swivel blade in a protective housing*, as well as an instruction sheet, including a chart showing pinwheel sizes and paper requirements (I copied this chart on my all-in-one printer/copier/fax, cut it out and attached it to the underside of the unit using an adhesive business card pouch – you could use a zipper baggie or cut sheet protector for this, or laminate it).
  • The clear plastic arm lifts up to enable you to insert the paper/material of your choosing, and locks in place (while punching the center hole of the pinwheel wheel) when you press down on it so your paper doesn’t slip while you’re cutting the pinwheel “arms.”
  • The blade housing is “nested” in a circular “home,” but is removed for cutting (you do need to be careful with this as the blade is very sharp and protrudes from the housing) – place the small round nub on the bottom of this housing, not the blade, inside the guides/channels; the blade will then run along the side, inside the cutting groove, and cut the “arms” of the pinwheel.
  • The punch, which lives in the upper right side of the unit is not removable, but could be used for other purposes (we know how papercrafters think – someone’s going to come up with other ways to use this stationary punch!).
  • The Pinwheel Punch Board helps you make pinwheels in 20 different shapes and sizes (appx. 3″ – 14″).
  • There are two options for creating pinwheels – use the guide/channel and cutting groove on the left to create one look, the guide/channel and cutting groove on the right for another look.
  • Pinwheel “wheels” can be layered, including pairing one piece cut using the left channel with one piece cut using the right channel.
  • If your paper is single-sided (meaning it’s patterned on one side and white on the other), you’ll want to back your paper with another piece just like it or a complementary piece or you’ll see the plain white paper inside your pinwheel; if you are going to back a single-sided paper, I suggest placing the two single-sided pieces back to back and punching and cutting them at the same time so the punched holes and cuts align well.
  • When cutting your papers/materials, you can slide the blade housing from top to bottom or from bottom to top, whichever works easiest for you. Remember, be sure that the dip or “v” in the paper (where the hole in each arm is punched) is aligned with the cutting groove (where the blade runs in the board, not on the lifting arm) so that your curves look nice when you’re done cutting.
  • When you’ve made all four cuts on your paper/material, I suggest leaving the paper locked in place while you assemble your Pinwheel Attachment post; just remember to leave the Pinwheel Attachment locking cap (the last small, clear, plastic piece I attached in the video) off until you have all of the pinwheel arms pulled up and slid onto the plastic post that holds them.
  • The Pinwheel Attachments are re-usable! And, you can cover the Pinwheel Attachment posts with washi tape, paper, glitter, paint, etc. You’re creative and we’re sure you’ll come up with even more ways to decorate the posts!
  • Update to Video: In the video I stated that I could only find the Pinwheel Attachments in the grey and white stripe design. Since the Pinwheel Punch Board came out, WRMK has released additional colors in the Pinwheel Attachments, and they also have fun Enamel Dots in several colors that can be placed on the locking plastic piece (the last plastic piece you see me place) which holds the pinwheel arms in place.

*According to Tavnir, WRMK will soon be offering replacement blades for this Punch Board.

Product Specs:

  • Weight: Less than a pound
  • Overall Measurements: 11-1/2″ x 6-1/2″ x 2″ (the board is thinner, but the blade housing protrudes a bit making the thickness 2″)
  • Materials: Hard Plastic
  • Made in China

The Pinwheel Punch Board – Pros:

  • The Pinwheel Punch Board is very complete – everything needed to create the size pinwheel you want, from 3″-14″ in size, is included in the tool
  • The Pinwheel Punch Board makes easy work of creating pinwheels in various sizes and two different shapes
  • As with all the other WRMK Punch Boards we’ve tried, the board is well designed and the instructions are easy to follow
  • The unit is small and light enough to take with you to crafting events
  • Even those with minor hand dexterity issues should find this tool easy to use

The Pinwheel Attachments – Pros:

  • The Pinwheel Attachments are very easy to assemble and are very reasonably priced
  • They can be re-used simply by removing the locking cap and removing them from the pinwheel they’re attached to (no glue is needed so there’s little risk of damaging them)
  • They posts can be altered to match your decor, wrapping, etc.

The Pinwheel Punch Board – Possible Cons:

  • The only con centers around the blade housing being a bit loose in its holder/home – it could fall out and be misplaced (hopefully this will soon be rectified)

The Pinwheel Attachments – Cons:

  • None that we could find!


The Pinwheel Punch Board MSRP is $24.99 USD, but I’ve spotted them for as low as $19.99 USD at several retail locations around the country. The Pinwheel Attachments MSRP is $4.99 USD, which is the price I noted at various retail locations.

Feedback for the Manufacturer:

My only feedback for the manufacturer (which I communicated to Tavnir at the recent CHA Mega Show) is as follows:

  • The blade housing can fall out of its holder/home. I “misplaced” the blade housing in the unit I tested after standing the unit upright and having it fall forward. Tavnir mentioned that he had given feedback to their manufacturing partner about this “issue” and he has asked that the holder/home be made a little more snug. Go Tavnir!

Overall Product Rating for the Pinwheel Punch Board?

The Papercrafting Product Gets 9 Out of 10 Stars (image)

The Papercrafting Product Gets 9 Out of 10 Stars

The only reason we didn’t give the Pinwheel Punch Board
10 out of 10 stars is because of the blade housing being a bit loose in its holder/home.

So, what do you think?

Is the
Pinwheel Punch Board
the perfect papercrafting tool for you?

Please ask questions, if you have any,
and share your comments about this product.

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Pinwheel Attachments?

Entering is easy!

Just do three things:

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Midnight (Central, GMT-5),
Saturday, March 21, 2015

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The Pinwheel Punch Board was provided to PaperCrafter’s Corner (and more specifically, to Stephanie Hackney) for the purposes of this review. 
All opinions of the tool are entirely those of Stephanie Hackney and there was no payment for the review of this tool. The Pinwheel Attachments were purchased by PCC and all opinions are entirely those of Stephanie Hackney and there was no payment for the review of these either.


Scrapbooking Mystery: A Giveaway!

Scrapbooking Mystery: A Giveaway!
Who’s up for a little mystery? How about a scrapbooking mystery?

Scrapbooking: Old School vs. New School! (image)

Scrapbooking: Old School vs. New School!

We hope this post finds you enjoying nicer, pre-Spring days and not doing too much snow-shoveling (and for those of you where it’s currently Summer, we hope it’s not too hot)!

Perhaps some of you have taken advantage of the snow days (or too-hot-to-be-outside days) and you’ve gotten some serious scrapbooking done?

I’m experimenting with a new process for keeping track of the photos, memorabilia and journaling I’ve created and gathered for my year-long, everyday-life scrapbooking project and I can’t wait to share it with you!


Papercrafting with PCC: Stephs PCC Anniversary Date (image)

Papercrafting with PCC: Steph’s PCC Anniversary Date

One of this month’s everyday-life entries will be my two-year anniversary here at PaperCrafter’s Corner (PCC)!

As I reflect back on the last two years , I am amazed at how quickly the time has flown by.

I can’t believe I’ve been at the helm of PCC for two years already!

At times it seems like this has always been my “home,” and at times it seems like just yesterday we announced my taking over PCC.

In any event, it’s been a pleasure and I couldn’t have done it without you, our wonderful and talented papercrafting community!

I look forward to many more fun-filled years with you!

We’re so excited to move forward, to put into place all the plans we have for the site and for you, our wonderful papercrafting community – stay tuned!

And, as always, we’d love to hear from you – what would YOU like to see here at PaperCrafter’s Corner?

What would make this an even better place to hang out?

What kinds of papercrafting information, inspiration and entertainment can we share with you?

We’ve already received lots of great feedback and ideas, but we’re always open for more!

I can’t guarantee we’ll adopt every suggestion, but we’ll sure consider every single one!

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Speaking of fun-filled and feedback, many of you shared that you love our giveaways.

Well, it’s time for another one…

We have another fun giveaway, a giveaway of special interest to the readers and scrapbooking addicts in the crowd!

Ready for a scrapbooking mystery?

We’ve been provided with TWO hardcover copies of Gossamer Ghost, the newest book in the scrapbooking mysteries series by NY Times best-selling author Laura Childs, and TWO of our lucky scrapbooking-mystery loving scrapbookers are going to WIN a copy!

Scrapbooking Mystery Book: Gossamer Ghost by Laura Childs (image)

Scrapbooking Mystery Book: Gossamer Ghost by Laura Childs

What’s the book about?

From reviewers…

Scrapbook aficionados rejoice! Ms. Childs creates a charming mystery series with lively, quirky characters and plenty of how-to…Serving up some hors d’oeuvres of murder and mystery, creativity and fashion, she has a winning formula to get even the laziest of us in a scrapbooking mood.Fresh Fiction

“Delves deeply into the Big Easy’s food, culture, and fashion scene.” Kirkus Reviews

“Fast-paced with plenty of action…Terrific.” Midwest Book Review

From the publisher…
Carmela Bertrand knows that Halloween in New Orleans means a week of rabble-rousing, costumed craziness—and she can’t wait to get the party started. But when a local antiques dealer turns up dead, Carmela suddenly finds herself in a real-life dance macabre… An evening’s work deciding on the class schedule for her scrapbooking shop has put Carmela in the mood to kick up her heels. But after some strange noises draw her into Oddities, the neighboring antiques shop, Carmela’s night is abruptly put on hold when a bloody body falls out of a curio cabinet—and into her arms. While shop owner Marcus Joubert was known for being an eccentric with a penchant for eclectic merchandise, Carmela never thought he was the kind of man who could inspire the passion required to kill. But when Marcus’s assistant—and fiancée—Mavis reveals that a priceless death mask was also stolen, it becomes clear that murder wasn’t the culprit’s sole intention. Carmela can’t resist the urge to investigate the growing mystery, but as the list of suspects increases, she realizes it’ll take every trick in the book to unmask the killer thief before there’s another night of murderous mischief…
Format: Hardcover

If this sounds like your kind of book,
here’s what you need to do to enter to win it:

Before midnight
(central, GMT-5)
on Wednesday, 3/18/2015:

Leave a comment
telling us what you love about
mysteries, book characters, Halloween, New Orleans
and/or scrapbooking.

You only have to share your thoughts on
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Then, share this giveaway
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That’s it – much easier than solving a mystery!
We’ll randomly draw the TWO winners’ names
and announce them here on our blog
shortly thereafter.

We thank you again for being such a great community and look forward to lots more fun this year!

Happy Papercrafting!
Steph & The PCC Team



Papercrafting: Creativeworld | Paperworld 2015 Prize Hunt Winners!

Papercrafting: Creativeworld | Paperworld 2015 Prize Hunt Winners!
Papercrafting product prize hunt – did YOU enter to win? 

Papercrafting Industry Event: Creative World - Messe Frankfurt (Germany) - January 31-February 3, 2015 (image)

Papercrafting Industry Event: Creative World | PaperworldMesse Frankfurt (Germany) – January 31-February 3, 2015

So, did you check out all the Creativeworld | Paperworld event videos we shared?

Wow, lots of fun products, techniques and inspiring folks, right?!

In case you missed the videos and aren’t quite sure what I’m talking about, I spent three days at Creativeworld | Paperworld, a HUGE international craft industry trade (not open to the public) event, walking the show floor and capturing what I saw and heard, all in the hopes of capturing the spirit of the event for you.

And, with the hope of inspiring you to do more papercrafting!

Since this event is not open to the general public, this is a chance to peek inside and see what goes on “behind the scenes.”


By checking out the videos above and the 700+ photos linked below!

Papercrafting Industry Event: Creativeworld | Paperworld - Artist At Work (image)

Papercrafting Industry Event: Creativeworld | Paperworld – Artist At Work

Here are the photos one more time, in case you missed them!

Creativeworld | Paperworld Photo Gallery, Pt. I

Creativeworld | Paperworld Photo Gallery, Pt. II

Now if you entered to win the event prize hunt,
this is the day you’ve been waiting for – we’re announcing the lucky winners!!!

Our lucky winners are…

Winner #1:
Robin B.

Winner #2:
Beatrice L.

Winner #3:
Jean M.

Please send an email with your
full name and mailing address,
CW/PW Prize Hunt Winner” in the subject line,
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Papercrafting: CHA’s Mega Show 2015 Prize Hunt Winners!

Papercrafting: CHA’s Mega Show 2015 Prize Hunt Winners!
Papercrafting products were up for grabs – did YOU enter to WIN? 

Papercrafting Industry Products & Education: CHA Winter MegaShow - January 2015 - Anaheim, CA (USA) (image)

Papercrafting Industry Products & Education: CHA Winter MegaShow – January 2015 – Anaheim, CA (USA)

Did you check out the 1,000+ photos I shot at the Craft and Hobby Association‘s Mega Show in January?

And, did you hunt down the hidden prizes and enter to win one?

Well, today’s the day – we’re announcing the winners of our Photo Prize Hunt!

But first, if you missed the 1,250 photos I took at the show, check ’em out below!

PCC’s CHA Mega Show 2015
Papercrafting Product Shares Photo Gallery – Pt I

PCC’s CHA Mega Show 2015
Papercrafting Product Shares Photo Gallery – Pt II

Depending on your internet speed, it may take up to a minute or longer
for the 600+ images in each collection to load –
once they load, click on the first image and you can view the images as a slide show;
click on the slideshow arrows,
or use your computer keyboard arrow keys,
to navigate left and right.

And now, it’s time to award the hidden presents!!!

Who won?

Well, let’s see…

Dare2BArtzy Stamps:
Tracy M.

Paper Wizard Die Cuts:

Quilling Tools & Papers:
Barb M.

E6000 Spray Adhesive:
Jean M.

Queen & Company Washi Tape:
Jamie P.

Congrats Everyone!!!


Please send us an email
with your full name and mailing address,
with “CHA Prize Hunt Winner” as the subject
and your prize name in the body of the email,
to shackney {at} papercrafterscorner {dot} com.

Oh, and one more thing…

If you missed the CHA MegaShow 2015 event videos we shared, you’re not too late – here’s a link to the post and videos:

PCC’s CHA Mega Show 2015
Papercrafting Product Shares Videos & Post

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