Button Ideas – Off the Page!

Welcome to day 3 of BUTTONS week! Today, we are going OFF THE PAGE to show some great home decor and gift ideas that will really bust that button stash!  Strictly a paper gal? Don’t worry — we’ll be back tomorrow & Friday with more “on” the page button tips & ideas!

Buttons — Off the Page!

First up today, I have an amazing home decor project PCC Creative Squad Ro Phillipsen made us for buttons week. Check it out …

Isn’t that adorable!Ro does such amazing work ….{sigh …}

Even though I have HUNDREDS of buttons in my stash right now, I’m not sure any are as cute as these Doodlebug Buttons! Yikes! (Stay tuned — I have a feeling some Doodlebug buttons *may* find there way into our upcoming buttons week giveaway. Shhh!)

As you know, I’m a huge fan of all of Ro’s work …. here is another of her “off the page” projects featuring buttons. It’s an Easter tree she created in April for an online class she was teaching …

Isn’t that beautiful! You can visit Ro’s blog here for the full instructions & step-out photos. The instructions are in Portugese but she has google translate enabled!

So now that we’re thinking “off the page” — what other home decor & gift ideas do you have?

Buttons as Gift Wrap, as with these packages featured on the One Lucky Day blog  …

Or this simple version from the Inspiration for Home blog

Button Monograms:

Embellish or create a monogram using buttons. Select button colors & styles that coordinate with the style of the room you’ll be using them in! A huge range of possibilities ….

Like this brightly colored rainbow monogram from the “Let’s Button Up” shop on Etsy would be terrific in a child’s room!

Or a more sophisticated approach … like this  monogram ‘A’ created by Jen Jockish for American Crafts …

Visit the American Crafts blog here to see Jen’s photo tutorial on how she made it!

Create ART

And what about this FABULOUS artwork that paper crafter / mixed media artist Candy Rosenberg created …???

Totally amazing, right?!? You can learn more about this project and see a close-up of that corset on Candy Rosenberg’s blog here.

Christmas Ornaments

I could never do what Candy did …. but I could make a few Christmas ornaments, I think!

Visit the Curbly blog here to see 4 more ideas for creating Christmas decorations using buttons!

And I could go on & on …. and on….. but alas, I can’t! I need to get cracking on TOMORROW’s post for more ideas for using as THE visual interest element on layouts & cards. Yes, we’ll be back ‘on the page’ tomorrow. See you then!



  1. Sage says

    i’m going to try using buttons as part of gift wrap…I really like how that looks! and that bodice….wow!!!

  2. Sandy says

    All of the ideas are so inspirational. I especially like the way they were used to fill in shapes (elephant, hot air balloon, etc.).


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